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The Eat in Colour campaign is run by the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC), the trade association committed to the support and development of the UK fruit and vegetable industry.

The Fresh Produce Consortium promotes the benefits and encourages increased consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables in the UK. Eat in Colour is supported by all sectors of the industry including producers, packers, importers, wholesalers, food service and retailers.

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Appointment of chairman signals start of Eat in Colour campaign
The Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC), the trade association committed to the support and development of the UK fruit and vegetable industry, has announced the appointment of Anthony Levy as Chairman of the ‘Eat in Colour’ Campaign Board. More…

The nation’s shopping baskets need a colour makeover – let’s Eat in Colour!
Food labelling, child obesity, fat and sugar levels, Jamie Oliver’s school meals campaign, 5-a-Day – the nation has never been more aware of the need for healthy eating and we can’t stop talking about the British diet. But recent research¹ has shown that despite our good intentions we are still finding it hard to eat more fruit and vegetables – we are too busy, find preparation too difficult or too laborious, it costs too much or our kids say they don’t like it. More…

Eat in Colour campaign will bear fruit in 2007
Organisers of the much-anticipated Eat in Colour campaign are now able to release details of their innovative plans to promote fruit and vegetables as great tasting, quick and easy to prepare and inexpensive. More…

Release EiC Love 2007
At this time of year our thoughts turn to love and in the present climate anything we can do to keep each other warm is a welcome distraction! Taking a lead from those frisky bunnies and their healthy diet of fruit and vegetables (which clearly fuels their amorous endeavours), the team at have uncovered a number of fruit and vegetables with aphrodisiac powers  and have developed a handy guide to how you can slip an extra portion into your lover’s diet this week. More...

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