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Welcome to eat in colour

An exciting site to remind us what a pleasure fruit and vegetables can be and to help us to make sure we all enjoy a healthy diet. Let’s face it - we’re all busy, preparation can sometimes seem difficult and time consuming, our kids don’t seem to want anything that’s good for them and sometimes it’s difficult to decide just what to cook for tea.

But the solution is simple - just Eat in Colour! Nature has provided us with everything we need. Fruit and vegetables look and taste great, are the quickest and easiest way to enjoy healthy eating and don’t cost the earth.

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The latest from eat in colour

Elevenses have long been a traditional part of the British diet and there's nothing wrong with topping up mid-morning. In fact, healthy eating campaign Eat ...

Eat in Colour means enjoying the ultimate in convenience food - fruit and vegetables are so versatile the options are endless. Eat them on their own, eat them raw or eat them cooked. Why not throw together a salad, stir up a sauce for pasta, create toppings for pizzas and fillings for sandwiches? Have you ever squished them into lip smacking smoothies or wonderful soups, or maybe put them in your drawer for a sneaky snack? Why not hide them in your handbag, pop them in packed lunches, or grab them fresh from the fruit bowl. What could be simpler?

And you don’t have to be a chef to Eat in Colour. You’ve come to the right place to discover everything you need to know about enjoying the wonderful range of fruit and vegetables available in your local stores.

Be inspired - why not try out our Eat in Colour recipe wheel for serving ideas, have a go at the recipe of the month and discover new ways to make nature’s healthiest foods the best part of your family’s diet everyday?

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